Hannes Löschel was born in Vienna 1963.
He acquired his musical education at the Vienna University of Music.
After performing contemporary music, especially Austrian and American modern, as soloist and in various ensembles for a while he he got involved more and more with improvised music and (around 1990) started to  get more and more into his style-spanning work as pianist, composer, improvising musician, ensemble director, and arranger.
1997 he won the Hans Koller Prize for Record of the Year for Jazz / Improvised Music with the CD While You Wait by Löschel/Skrepek/Zrost a trio led by Löschel. His compositional work was honored and supported with various scholarships and sponsorships by the Austrian federal government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of Vienna.
Up to now he wrote  Music for  different kinds of chamber ensembles as well as for Puppet-Theater, Dance, Film and Telefon-machines.His compositional work was – among others -  awarded by the main sponsorship for composition by the Austrian federal government in 2001. He won the “Publicity Award 2006” initiated by the “Austro Mechana”.
In his projects and recordings he works together with musicians of the austrian scene such as Peter Herbert, Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl, Dieb 13, Martin Brandlmayer, Josef Novotny, Didi Bruckmayr, Joanna Lewis, WV Wizlsperger, Paul Skrepek, Martin Zrost as well as with numerous musicians of different genres such as Taku Sugimoto, Thomas Lehn,  Tony Buck, Noel Akchote, David Tronzo, Ernesto Molinari, Ned Rothenberg, Gerry Hemmingway ao.. He visited and participated on Festivals all around the world.
Most of his recordings are published on his own label “loewenhertz” founded in 2000 and distributed by “Extraplatte”.

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This is quite clearly one of the best cds of the 1990´s!
Yop Yopu, "The Scratching Post"/CAN, 09/01 about the CD "Rhetikus, EX 224-2"

...An abrupt tempo change with staccato piano, saxophone phrases and drum flourishes finally convinces the easy - going CD buyer that this is no ordinary piano trio, rather a nearly subversive triumph by a winning team of musicians well - versed in every editing and collage technique, above which Hannes Löschel proves himself an intelligent composer.
from the Jury´s decision winning the Hans Koller Preis 1997 for "Album of the Year"

"...the music of this trio count s among the most exciting, fresh and at the same time beautiful acoustic cultural achievements our state of workers, farmers and housekeepers holds in store for the world ..."
Klaus Peham in the Porgy & Bess Broadcast 12 / 96 for the CD Presentation of "While You Wait"

"...new music of outstanding quality for string quartetts ..."
Heinz Rögl /Salzburger Nachrichten about "Memories of New Guinea" , 31.5. 1998

"... the message i s : The work of Hannes Löschel is becoming more and more of an important hub of heterogeneous mu sical developments of Vienna 's musicscene ..."
Robert Bilek / Jazzthetik 9/99 about the CD "Messages"

" ...Hannes Löschel , a performer from the camp of New Music , ent wines improvisation and composition somewhere in the no - man 's - land between those genres with new results of convincingly sensual quality ..."
Andreas Felber / Music Manual 5/6 99 about the CD "Messages"

" ...attracted at the same ti me by the concrete and the abstract music , by the practical and the conceptional approach , Hannes Löschel pur sues t he sole sensible path : he composes, bri dl ing his passions to let them flow with even more zeal later on, pouring them into forms and using the stability of one side to heat the fire of the other. His radical reduction i s not a goal in its own right but serves to boil his statemen t down to make the most conci se point . Each piece is born from a thought . Löschel always keeps all possibilities open . His statements don't exclude one another ,but wo rks as complementing parts. This approach is by no means a sign of indecisiveness,
but rather a proof for his courage . The consequence will be found in openness ..."
Robert Bilek / ORF-Ö1 about the Solo CD "Konferenz der Armseelikeit" , April 2000.
Hannes Löschel – Rhetikus (CD, EX224-2)

"...The music has chamber tightness and formality, yet ist alignments of instrumental texture and coloration are intriguing throughout..."
Julian Cowley, (UK), The WIRE /Issue March 2003, on the CD "Messages" (EX 373-2)

Whether this music was composed for children or adults or extraterrestrials really doesn't matter in the end. What does matter is the composer's ability to convey his cinematic sophistication, coupled with his surrealistic juxtaposition of high art and low art into one vibrating mass. This album is very well done! 
 Farrell Lowe (USA) / All About Jazz / March 2003  about Edi Flaneur

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